Hourly Teammates


Shift Management

Annual Wage Range:  $40k – $42k + Tips

Avg:  $21/hr + Tips

Position Players

Annual Wage Range:  $33k – $40k + Tips

Avg:  $18/hr + Tips

Shift Management

Shift Management is the introductory management role in the Offerdahl’s Training Program. With management comes leadership… and leadership is the ability to influence and direct behavior of others based on a foundation of knowledge, trust, encouragement, responsibility & teamwork.
Shift Management is responsible for the Shift Lineup and Shift Timeline along with executing the overall sales & service of the shift.
Offerdahl’s is looking for committed and passionate shift leaders!

Position Players

Service Positions

Host and Register

We’re Serious about our Service! Our Register position will create a FANatical experience for our Customers (Fans) with an upbeat and friendly attitude. This begins before the order is even placed. Our Register position needs to greet, educate, sell, and place every Fan’s order. They will be responsible for presenting quality food and preparing hand-crafted drinks. It will be the responsibility of the Register position to accurately ring in all food and drink while keeping an accurate cash-drawer. Since the Register/host position is often the first contact our Fans have, the Player is expected to go out of their way to interact with and pamper our Fans beyond expectation! We take this service stuff serious. So, get FANATICAL!

Kitchen Positions

Griller and Linebacker

At Offerdahl’s we offer a unique product: great tasting, portable and convenient fresh foods. Our Line Cooks (Grillers) and our Linebackers (Prep Cooks), are responsible for the preparation of products for our customers (Fans) consumption. Every line position in the kitchen has an Assembly requirement and it begins 1st with having the products available. The trick then is to accurately make the products quickly, or anxiously! We are a quick service, NOT slow service restaurant.

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