Offerdahl’s Hand-Off Foundation

John & Lynn Offerdahl founded Offerdahl’s Hand-Off Foundation in 2012 to “Feed the Needs of Those in Crisis” and specifically struggling families (housing, foster care, nutritional and sports programs). Offerdahl’s Off-The-Grill is committed to make a positive impact as 10% of the Team Incentive Pool (TIP) is contributed to support these charities and then matched by the Offerdahl’s Front Office to maximize community impact. In life, as in football… we believe it takes a TEAM!
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In 2016, Offerdahl’s Hand-Off Foundation launched Home Team Advantage Restorative Housing. Home Team Advantage™ provides case-managed, supportive housing for vulnerable families pursuing relational restoration and homeownership VICTORY! In March of 2017, we began the journey with 4 families seeking to develop independence, self-sufficiency and ultimate homeownership VICTORY! A better HOME plus a committed TEAM equals a distinct ADVANTAGE. Home Team Advantage is truly “Providing Homes… Restoring Lives!”

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The Gridiron Grill-Off Food & Wine Festival, hosted by John Offerdahl, is an event where Celebrity, Competition & Charity collide to “Feed the Needs of Kids in Crisis” in foster care and family homelessness. John teams-up his friends from the Gridiron (25 Pro Athletes) and Grill (25 South Florida Top Chefs). Fans (That’s YOU!) eat, drink, vote and compete in cornhole – a bean bag tailgate game where Community Joes (that’s YOU again!) play alongside Celebrity Pros for prizes! All efforts raise awareness and needed funds for kids and families in crisis.

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